When the Maori Elders placed in my basket the hidden knowledge of the Waitaha Nation, I was carried into ancient Polynesian seaways and the lore of the navigation stars, propelled along the mountain trails of the sacred stone, sent into remarkable gardens in the ocean and on the shore, wrapped in the cloak of secret histories and given access to the highest Houses of Learning.

That astonishing pool of knowledge grew deeper as Hawaiian lore and that of the Hopi of Arizona, the Haida of the North West Pacific and the Chumash of California was also placed in my basket. This incredible store of priceless indigenous wisdom has been my guide and my joy.

After thirty years devoted to driving my computer back through ancient knowledge I was called to share, I realise it’s time to help it move with the aid of the latest internet technologies.

So here I am, excited about starting up my own website; offering more on Facebook and You-tube, creating blog sites to answer frequently asked questions and planning to have ten of my books available as E books within a year.

I share my writing, my thoughts on my latest ventures, how they are unfolding. While it’s my story, I hope it touches your story and opens doors into realms where heart, mind and spirit meet.

‘Awakening the tides of remembrance’ means accessing the gifts sent forward by our ancestors, understanding you are the sum of all that’s ever been of your line. It’s seeking to understand your journey, discovering the truth of who you are. And in that uniqueness walking your truth not another’s. It’s about freedom.

We are more than we see and more than we think. We are joined to the past, the present and the future, connected with all that is and might be. We are kin to all.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Update Song of the Cirle

I am very sorry to have to end the posting of Song of the Circle so
abruptly. I was hoping to make it available chapter by chapter for a few
months. However, it¹s been processed as an eBook  much faster then expected.
So this first chapter is now a sample of the book which is available as an
ebook with Amazon and also Smashwords. In the New Year I will see what else
I might offer.

Meanwhile, I wish you well wherever you are on this fabulous planet.



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